Customised electric systems for marine navigation, vehicles, and industrial operators

Powerduo Oy is among the leading experts of electric system solutions. We design and deliver various kinds of electric systems for boats, ships, vehicles, and industrial operators. We have also delivered electric systems for the Finnish Defence Forces to serve as power generation systems and to summer cabins in the Finnish archipelago to serve as secondary power systems.

Our solutions enable achieving the best possible benefits, efficiency, and availability: we also provide maintenance services to secure the continuity of operations. Our extremely extensive product selection, expertise, and cooperation with the leading ship, boat, and vehicle manufacturers in the field ensure the high-quality of our electric systems. No matter whether your project is big or small, we are always able to offer the perfect overall solution customised to your specific needs. Check out our references!

Marine electric systems for boats, ships, and large vessels

Marine electric systems are designed for the needs of vessels of all sizes. Our selection includes electric system components for small boats, luxury cruisers, and everything in between. We also provide solutions for demanding applications: for example, Mass accumulators are designed for heavy professional use, such as oil rigs, merchant vessels, cruise ships, and large pleasure cruisers. We work together with the world’s best boat manufacturers and shipyards to ensure that our electric systems are as good and efficient as possible. Our services include design, consultancy, and component deliveries.

Mobile electric systems for vehicles

The electricity consumption of vehicles is increasing constantly. Leisure time vehicles, such as mobile homes, consume more and more electricity all the time. This constantly increases the requirements placed on batteries and linked devices.


In commercial vehicles, reliability of the system is often a key requirement – highlighting the importance of high-quality and reliable equipment. The Mobile electric system components that are included in our selection represent the latest technology and are found in top-range mobile homes.


Mastervolt’s Lithium Ion batteries and the diesel generators of Fischer Panda’s inverter series enable making the system efficient yet light in weight. We can acquire all the components needed: maintenance-free batteries, sine wave inverters, accumulators, diesel generators, and all connection accessories from negative rails to various automatic fuses.

Electrical systems for industrial needs

In addition to systems designed for marine navigation and vehicles, we implement electric systems for the needs of industrial operators. We provide secondary and emergency power equipment for various kinds of production facilities and businesses. When a high capacity is needed, Mass Combi Ultra combination equipment is the best solution. These include an accumulator and an inverter in the same device and offer a high capacity in all conditions without mains power. Contact us to learn more – we design the solutions individually based on each customer’s specific needs and the requirements of the site.