High-quality batteries, battery accessories, and other products

Our product selection includes batteries by distinguished manufacturers and all accessories needed to install them, such as output cables, connectors, and fuses. The selection also includes various kinds of accumulators and solar panels. We also design and implement ready-to-use electric systems for industrial operators, vehicles, and maritime navigation based on each customer’s specific needs. We have also implemented electric systems for the Finnish Defence Forces to serve as power generation systems and for summer cabins located in the Finnish archipelago to serve as secondary power systems. Read more about the manufacturers and our products below and contact us if you have questions or if you are thinking about placing an order. Also check out our references.

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Powerduo Logo

Based in Raisio, Finland, Powerduo Oy is a company specialising in the sale of electric equipment and design of complete electric systems for the needs of maritime navigation, vehicles, and industrial operators. High-quality products and skilled design work ensure effective electric systems even in demanding applications.

Mastervolt logo

Mastervolt manufactures high-quality and reliable components for electric systems that are not dependent on the national power supply network. The company specialises in the manufacture of batteries, accumulators and sine wave inverters used in autonomous electric systems and related control devices. The company’s comprehensive selection includes components for 300W – 40kW systems. The company’s products are used in the systems of maritime navigation and special purpose vehicles. In addition, equipment manufactured by Mastervolt is often used in industrial secondary power systems.


Fischer Panda is a German company specialising in diesel generators. Panda’s generators are small, quiet, light, and reliable. All generator models are located inside a sound insulation enclosure. Fischer Panda has three different generator series: the inverter-based i series for generators with a variable engine speed, the X series for generators with a fixed engine speed, and the DC generator series AGT (12V/24V/48VDC).

JL Audio logo

JL Audio, a high-end audio equipment manufacturer and multiple award winner in various competitions, guarantees the best possible sound reproduction. Their products are made only from the finest materials, offering the best sound experience for boats in the market.

CZone logo

For the past ten years, CZone’s digital switching technology has made the control of electric systems of boats and special purpose vehicles easier and more reliable. CZone has a comprehensive selection of monitoring and control devices for the easy control of electric systems e.g. by using an iPad. The CZone system can also be used and monitored through integration partners’ multi-purpose plotters. 

Blue sea systems logo

Blue Sea Systems was founded to create innovative and high-quality installation accessories to enhance the safety and reliability of electric systems of boats. Today, the company’s selection includes over 1,000 products. These high-quality installation accessories are used in boats, ships, mobile homes, and special purpose vehicles. The series includes main switches of batteries, automatic charging relays, fuse bases, terminal blocks, various kinds of meters, and switch panels.

Marinco logo

Since 1972, Marinco’s high-quality shore-power connections have been the leading standard in the field. They have been designed to withstand the harshest of conditions. Marinco’s selection includes shore-power connections for 16A – 100A current requirements. Marinco’s selection also includes windshield wipers, searchlights, and horns.

Lenco logo

Lenco Marine is the leading manufacturer of trim tabs on the global market. Lenco’s selection also includes electric hatch lifts. Lenco’s Auto Glide is an automatic boat levelling system that keeps the boat level at all times.

BEP logo

Bep manufactures various types of main switches for batteries, terminal blocks, automatic fuses, and fuse bases.

Ancor logo

For over 30 years, Ancor’s tinned copper wires have represented the absolute top of installation materials. Ancor’s selection also includes connectors and connector tools suited to these wires, which ensure high-quality and reliable installation.

Pro Mariner logo

ProMariner was founded over 35 years ago. ProMariner’s waterproof ProNautic accumulators are especially well suited to open boats and day cruisers in the Nordic conditions. ProMariner’s selection also includes ProSafe galvanic separators.

Spectra Watermakers logo

Spectra’s revolutionary devices that turn sea water into drinkable water by means of reverse osmosis are based on the Clark pump, making them extremely efficient. Spectra’s products are manufactured in California in the United States.


Solbian manufactures high-quality, flexible and light yet extremely efficient solar panels. Solbian’s solar panels can be installed to match the contours of the surface. The company also manufactures customised solar panels based on the measurements provided by the customer.

Sunware logo

SunWare’s durable solar panels that can be walked on are of very high quality. They have a prism surface pattern that collects the sunlight and enables efficient power generation also when the sun is not shining on them directly.

Max Power logo

Max Power manufactures high-quality and efficient bow thrusters both as tunnel and retractable versions. Max Power was founded in 1987 in France and its best-known innovation is the maintenance-free gearbox made from composite material. Currently, the company’s production facility is located in Monza, Italy.

Lofrans logo

Italian Lofrans is probably the world’s best-known manufacturer of anchor winches. Founded in 1966, the company is located in Monza, Italy. Lofrans manufactures high-quality and reliable anchor winches from aluminium and stainless steel for both chain and rope.