Powerduo Oy has served its customers since 2004. We have compiled some references that provide a better picture of our expertise and services. We are able to provide very diverse services to companies, municipalities, the State, and private customers. If you are interested in our products or services, do not hesitate to contact us.

Delta 88 Yacht | Delta 88 Yacht electric system

Delta sähköjärjestelmä

We designed, delivered, and commenced the entire electric system of the Delta 88 vessel. Our delivery included Fischer Panda’s diesel generators, Mastervolt’s Lithium Ion batteries, Mastervolt’s inverters and accumulators, the distribution boxes of the vessel with related power supply switch system, and the black operating panels in the control area and the flybridge.

Army and radar containers | Electric supply equipment

Tutkakontti sähköjärjestelmä

We design and deliver power supply systems and secondary power equipment for various needs. Our systems are found, for example, in the personnel containers of the Finnish Defence Forces, the mobile radar bases of airspace surveillance, and industrial showroom containers.

Library and special purpose vehicles

Kirjastoauto sähköjärjestelmä

We deliver power generation systems for various chassis manufacturers based on their specific needs, e.g. for mobile libraries and mammography and x-ray vans. Mastervolt’s new Lithium Ion batteries enable achieving significant savings in fuel consumption thanks to their enhanced performance. The running time of generators is reduced, the maintenance interval is prolonged, and the power generation capability is enhanced.

Cable harnesses, switch panels, and shore-power systems

We design, manufacture, and supply cable harnesses for the small boat industry. Our clientele includes internationally significant manufacturers, such as Buster, AMT, Delta PowerBoats, SeaStar, and Faster. We are able to implement efficient systems for boats of all sizes and to deliver them at the desired time.

Baltic Yachts | Components of the electric system

Reliability is of key importance in large boats. We have worked in close cooperation with Baltic Yachts in the Ostrobothnia for over 20 years and have just signed a new “preferred supplier” contract with them. This ensures continued cooperation and that these top-class sail boats will also in the future have Mastervolt’s Lithium Ion batteries, Fischer Panda’s diesel generators, Mastervolt’s accumulators, and Mastervolt’s bus-controlled MasterBus system. We have been part of nearly all projects of Baltic Yachts, of which Visione, Pink Gin, and Canica are probably the best known.

Nautor’s Swan | Electric systems

Nautors Swan | Sähköjärjestelmät

One of the world’s most highly rated large sailboat manufacturers is our close cooperation partner. We supply to Nautor diesel generators, Lithium Ion batteries, Mastervolt’s accumulators, and inverters. In addition, Mastervolt’s MasterBus bus system is almost a standard part of the current Swan sail boats.

Targa | Electric systems

Targa sähköjärjestelmät

Botnia Marin is based in Ostrobothnia and manufactures boats under the trademark Targa. These boats are also known as the 4×4 of the seas, as they maintain their high navigability even in harsh conditions, making high-quality and maintenance support extremely important. Mastervolt’s global maintenance network resolves any observed problems quickly and efficiently. Fischer Panda’s diesel generators and Mastervolt’s system components, on the other hand, make the electric system extremely reliable and efficient.

Secondary power equipment


We provide secondary and emergency power equipment for various kinds of production facilities and businesses. The reliability of the national power supply network has reduced significantly. Various climatic factors can cause blackouts of varying length, during which the national power supply network is not available. Valuable freezer systems and pumping stations must remain in operation also during blackouts. We have delivered, for example, the secondary power systems of the pumping stations at the Talvivaara Mine. Mastervolt’s new Lithium Ion batteries enable implementing very efficient secondary power systems that are suited to confined spaces.

Vessels of the authorities


Various authorities and the Finnish Defence Forces have high requirements for their equipment. Some of our customers, such as Baltic Workboats, Marine Alutech, and Uki WorkBoat, specialise in providing these clients professional vessels. Often these vessels are equipped with Fischer Panda’s diesel generators due to their lightness. Mastervolt’s accumulators and inverters, on the other hand, are used due to their high quality.